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    AdvancedDataGrid Dynamic Grouping Question . ( For Dynamic Changing Data )


      I am reading some data every 10 seconds and displaying it in

      The data is grouped by certain colomn from the advancedDataGrid.

      My problem is that when the data gets reloaded the next time, the
      nodes that were opened previously by the user to check the data
      disappers.  Basically the grouping gets collapsed everytime ( in my
      case every 10 seconds ) when I reload the data.

      Below is my code where I am trying to display the information based on
      the grouping but the nodes that are opened should stay opened. This
      grouping is only one level down.

      alertsDetailData has the data displayed in advancedDataGridErrorsId

      if ( advancedDataGridErrorsId.dataProvider is
      IHierarchicalCollectionView ) {
                                       groupingCollection.source = alertsDetailData;
                                       var openNodes:Object = IHierarchicalCollectionView
      ( advancedDataGridErrorsId.dataProvider).openNodes
                                       advancedDataGridErrorsId.dataProvider = groupingCollection;
      (advancedDataGridErrorsId.dataProvider).openNodes = openNodes;


      What am I doing wrong to be not able to save the openNodes and
      closedNodes in the order they were everytime the data is reloaded.