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    The Snippets Plug-In does not work anymore

    --ak-- Level 1

      Hey there,

      i used this plug-in, where i get it from here.

      The snippets helped me to insert basic source code, like setter/getter-functions (i know that these function are implemented in flash builder ) and other things like whole switch-statements or templates for a singleton-class, for example.


      That plug-in relieved me from typing the boring things again and again. Also improved it my daily output of source code and to get more time for important things.


      Im Happy to get any tips and hints

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          FlexFlip Level 1

          Which snippets plugin? Do you mean the web-standards one?


          I was under the impression some kind of code-templating would be made possible in FB4, but so far I only found File Templates under the preferences. This does not seem to allow for custom templates, or at least I haven't figured out how.


          Anybody have info on adding code-snippets in FB4?

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            tlaneadobe Level 1

            Hi, it sounds like that article is showing you a way to add 3rd party features to your Eclipse environment (which underlies Flash Builder) in an unsupported way. As a result it's pointing at an out-of-date plugin that's probably incompatible with the latest version of Eclipse.


            The correct way to add plug-ins / features from other products is to use Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Choose "search for new features to install".


            For the Web Standard Tools project's code snippet feature (not: this is not an Adobe product), the site you want in this case is Ganymede and the feature is Web and Java EE Development > Web Developer Tools. You'll also have to click Select Required to pick up other required features. That will add a bunch of features to your environment including the code snippets feature, which you can find under Window > Other Views... > General > Snippets.


            We do have a file templates feature in FB4 itself, but not code snippets... but fortunately since we're built on shoulders of Eclipse you can leverage the work that others have done in the Eclipse community like this!


            Hope that helps,


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              --ak-- Level 1


              That answer saved my life and i ciuld import my created snippet into it.