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    resolving keylistener vs. onEnterframe?


      The below program responds to the keylisteners, but doesn't respond to the onEnterFrame.




      keyListener = new Object();






         var keyUsed = Key.getCode();


         if (keyUsed == 65){
      block_mc._rotation = 30;
             }else if (keyUsed == 66){
      block_mc._rotation = 60;
      onEnterFrame = function(){
          block_mc._rotation = 90;
          //if keys aren't pressed this becomes default
      onEnterFrame = function(){
          block_mc._rotation = 90;




      In another program, I have a series of arrow key commands that start sequences inside an onEnterFrame,

      and they continue until terminated by an "else{... set all values to zero/neutral}"

      When this version is in play, arrow key commands have no power to over ride the onEnterFrame's "else".



      So basically, I can have keylisteners, or onEnterFrame stuff working on the same object (such as block_mc),

      but I haven't figured out how to make it so when a keylistener (like abcdefg) is activated, it works AND when a standard

      arrow key/space/shift is pressed, it also works.


      They seem to be completely incompatable codes.