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    Cannot import Illustrator files - crash to desktop




      I've been experimenting with the Catalyst beta at work, but it seems I cannot import Illustrator files (yet phototshop files are fine). What happens is the following:


      1) Click "From Adobe Illustrator AI File..." link on the start screen.

      2) Choose an AI file in the file selector (I used the one found at http://www.insideria.com/2009/06/flash-catalyst-beta-1-top-bran.html)

      3) Catalyst begins the process and shows a progress bar, but then immediately crashes to desktop without warning.


      I've tried several other AI files, but the results are the same. Is anyone else having this problem?


      System specs (if it matters) are:


      Windows XP SP2

      Professional x64 Edition

      Intel core 2 Duo

      2.33GHz, 3.93 GB of RAM