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    Moving files within a LiteRoom window

    howie&lynn Level 1



      Is it possible to re-arrange picture files within a LiteRoom Window?

      How to organize a list of picture files merged from different Windows Folders into a user order?

      This should be an obvious requirement of any SQL Database program.

      How else can picture files from various locations be organized into a correctly formatted order?

      I would hope a simple drag and move option would be available.

      Once the correct order was arranged, a file renaming process would establish that correct order to be used in any application or browser.

      For instance:  to produce a list of files to be shown in the Sony Playstation to be displayed on a HDTV in a preferred order.

      Fortunately, Sony did not use a Dos bassed Windows OS when they designed the Playstation 3.

      Nevertheless, everyone else seems to have done so.