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    Just reporting - realtime MJPEG compression!

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      Now that 4.1 has fixed AME, just want to report that I'm getting realtime compression using the LEAD MJPEG codec. My 8-1/2-minute video takes just under 8 minutes to output. This is creating a 4.4Gb file, 1280x720, 30fps with Quality @ 20.

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            You're right, it is impressive. That's one of the reasons I've been trying to get this codec recognized by PrPro since its release. I know people have pooh-poohed MJPEG, but they are not doing stereo (3D) hi-def video. If there is too much difference between the two video channels due to high compression, the result is a sizzle, or noise overlay that destroys the illusion of reality. Using lightly compressed MJPEG, the compression is so similar that there is a transparency to the stero imagery that simply disappears with other codecs like H.264.


            The speed of this codec allows me to try different compression ratios to hone in on my desired file size without having to wait extended periods to see the result.


            Since the 4.1 update, all of my most pressing complaints have been addressed and I feel like I can finally work, without having to figure out workarounds.


            I imported the 4.4Gb avi files and PrPro plays them flawlessly. Windows Media Player just returns an error!


            That's a first!