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    File video dimensions (width/height) too large, importing AVI


      I'm testing Windows 7RC and Adobe Production Premium CS4. Both CS4 and Windows are fully updated with all updates available through today. Premiere Pro CS4 is at 4.1.0.


      I have hundreds and hundreds of AVI files captured from tape and from memory cards created by the capture process in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.1.  if I create a new project, HDV 1080i (60i) and try to import my AVI files I get the error message about 'file video dimensions (width/height) too large'. These files were created with the Cineform HD codec that came with 1.5.1. I have the CFHD codec "CineForm 10-bit-visually Perfect HD" loaded on this computer, and G-spot verifies that and can render and play the avi files. Since these are from HDV their actual dimensions are 1440x1080. I've also tried to import standard def AVI files with the same result.


      I just picked a few random projects to attempt to open, and none of them will open. Not SD not HDV. I get the 'too large' message.