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    Workbench Screen Size


      When creating a new project folder, we had the workbench screen size change significantly.  Forgive me for now knowing the proper terms, (such as workbench).  I have attached screen shots that show what I am talking about.


      Also didn't really know how to properly research this before going to the forum because I don't know the proper terms to use.


      First picture shows the screen size that we have been using.  The second is the screen size of the new project folder.


      Thank you.PremiereVideoScreen1.jpgPremiereVideoScreen2.jpg

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          fred tyler Level 1

          Hi, you may have changed screen res, right click on windows background, left click properties and adjust

          your screen resolution.

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            Curt Wrigley Level 4

            Im guessing you are talking about your workspace being a different size or layout.   If you go to the workspac e menu you can choose from a few default workspaces.   Most folks use the "Editing" layout.    If you have moved things about, you may reset the workspace to its original layout by choose "reset workspace" in the workspace menu.


            Note you may create and save a custom layout if you choose to.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Since we're playing the guessing game, I'll hazard that you created a widescreen or HD format sequence when you intended to create a 4:3 SD/DV sequence. Just create a new sequence, and pay close attention to the name of the preset you select. For example, there are quite a few presets that fall under the "DV" headings, but you likely want the "DV NTSC - Standard 48kHz" flavor.


              See screenshot:



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I thought the same as Colin.  The first looks 4:3, the second looks 16:9.


                By the way, the proper term for that is Program Monitor.  These types of things are pretty basic, and are pretty well covered in the Help file.  I recommend reading that from start to finish before trying to use Premiere Pro.

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                  dwestly Level 1

                  Thank you, that was it.


                  The challenge for me is that I am the IT guy for the company.  The production people come to me for answers, and on this particular machine, it's in use so much that I have a hard time getting to it to work on it.  Also, since CS4 only allows for two machines to have the software, I can't have a copy on my own machine in my office in order to try different things.


                  Anyway, I know that this was VERY basic for most of you, and I thank you for you patience and help.  This is why I have always stayed with Adobe products over the years.