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    Rollovers that are triggered too quickly freak out

    shamus oliver

      I am a designer, no fancy code stuff here. I have three buttons with somewhat fancy rollover effects. OnClick, they move, and sometimes when they do the mouse can trigger the adjacent button. When it does, part of my rollover effect is gone, ie. layers drawn in FC simply disappear. If I reload the page they are visible again. I have a SWF that, if I am very gentle with, works fine, otherwise, I lose layers.


      This project will eventually be handed over to a Flex developer, I would really like to have this issue fixed before then if at all possible to prevent doubling his work. Any advice would be appreciated.


      Let me know if you need the file to see what's going on. It is 9MB though, and the limit here is 5.

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee
          This sounds like it is probably a bug. I would really like to see the file if you can post it. I may come up with a work around for you.
          Since you said the file is large, can you delete everything except the buttons that are causing the problem? The best way to do this is to shift-select all the excess items in the layers panel, then click the trash can. The trash in the layers panel will remove items from all states.
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            shamus oliver Level 1

            I deleted everything but the buttons in an attempt to reduce the size, and everything but the buttons was gone from the layer panel, but no reduction in size.


            So here's the file: files.me.com/shamusoliver/lj1u6w


            Any help would be appreciated. The problem started with the three buttons on page1, but now is also happening on one of the smaller buttons on page2, the Positive Life Radio button. My original post was incorrect in that it's on rollover, not click.



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              njadobe2 Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the test file--I've reproduced the problem and will file it in our bug system. One workaround I found is to edit the "up > over" and "over > up" transitions in the three main buttons so that each of the item fades takes some small amount of time (e.g. 0.1 sec) instead of the default 0 sec. Not sure why this fixes your problem, but it might be something you could do as a workaround for now.