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    Images maximize (full screen) when switching windows?


      When working with two or more images in Fireworks CS3 (Mac OSX 10.5.7)....


      The image windows blast into full screen display when switching between images. I am new to CS3, (convert from Studio 8) but cannot find where to stop this irritating behaviour. I can correct by selecting Window>>Cascade - temporarily... But, when I click on another image window, that image blasts into full-screen again.


      How can I stop this?


      I really hate posting (usually preferring instead to lurk and scour the answers to my questions from previous posts). But, I am forced to post this question in hopes of a quick, simple solution to stop the lurching madness that makes me feel queasy every time my screen blasts an image into full screen mode..


      Any help is appreciated...  really, it is. :-)

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          steedvlx Level 1

          OK, this is possibly a bug.


          After restarting today, the problem did not occur until about an hour working with FW.


          A restart did NOT stop it. So, I restarted again and tried three different files... It was fine for a while and then started the same thing again.


          I am starting to lose hope that it is something I can do to prevent this. It appears that FW and Carbon are not playing together nicely.