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    Is my monitor - a LCD Samsung 172T - Too Bright to color manage?


      Following the generous advice of forum members I decided to invest in a colorimeter to properly profile my monitor which is a Samsung LCD 172T.


      However, I have read several posts in the forum regarding monitor brightness issues. For example - that a monitor needs to be under 120 cd/mr2 brightness level for proper image display, as well as some saying they can't adjust their LCD monitor brightness low enough.


      According to my monitor specifications my monitor brightness is 250 cd/mr2.  Is my monitor too bright for a colorimeter device to properly profile?


      For a colorimeter device I was considering the eye-one display 2 or the spyder 2 or 3.

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          Lou Dina Level 3

          Hi Tom.


          I have a Samsung 213T and a Samsung 940B, both of which are calibrated to 90 cd/m2.  I didn't need supplementary software to lower their brightness levels.  I don't know anything about the 172T, but that 250 cd/m2 may be the maximum brightness per the specs.  My monitors can go brighter than 90 cd/m2 if I choose.


          If you're serious about good color, repeatability and good monitor to print matching, then a monitor calibration package is a good investment.



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            Tom_51 Level 1

            Yes, 250 cd/m2 is the maximum brightness of my monior. After much searching I can not find any information about what the minimum brightness level that I would be able to adjust with the monitor's controls.


            Can you tell me what the maximum brightness of your monitor is?


            Also, I've never used a colorimete before. Assuming I can't adjust my monitor on its own to an appropriate brightness level does the colorimeter and it's software somehow "override" your monitor and force it to the correct brightness level?

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              Lou Dina Level 3

              Hi Tom.


              As crazy as this sounds, the manuals that came with both of my monitors say absolutely NOTHING about brightness levels, either max or min.  I can tell you nearly anything else you want to know.  My guess is that you won't have a problem.


              Normally, you enter your target parameters (white color temp, gamma, monitor luminance, and if your software has it, black luminance) into your calibration and profiling software and the software then guides you. On most LCD monitors except the expensive ones, you really only have one analog control....the brightness of the backlight. The software will ask you reduce the brightness to achieve the desired level and gives you feedback when you are there. 


              Once the monitor brightness is set (ie, white luminance) the software will display a bunch of color patches with defined values, and your colorimeter will read them one by one.  When it is done, it will write corrections to your video card which will adjust your display to meet your target values and give you accurate color.  That is all the calibration part.


              Next, it will create a profile that describes your monitor's color gamut (boundaries), etc. Your profile will include either a color lookup table or a set of curves to correct color in any color managed application (Photoshop, LightRoom, etc).


              The calibration is automatically written to your video card and should stay active until your next monitor calibration (do it every 2-4 weeks for accurate color). The profile will be put into the default folder where all your ICC profiles reside, which differs depending on the O/S.


              If you cannot lower the luminance to the correct level, you can download software that will do it for you.  I haven't needed or used this software with either of my Samsung Monitors.



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                Tom_51 Level 1

                You mentioned that if I can not lower the luminance to the correct level that there is software that can be downloaded that can do that.


                That sounds like it would be a good backup solution. Would you have the names of that type of software or any links to it. Thanks.

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                  Lou Dina Level 3



                  Two I have heard of, but never used, are Shades and DarkAdapted Pro. Looks like Shades may be Mac only.  DarkAdapted Pro seems to work with both platforms.  Both are free downloads.  My experience suggests you won't need it, unless the 172T is very different from my two Samsung monitors.






                  If you haven't bought a monitor profiling package yet, you may wish to contact the people at Chromix and ask their advice on the current crop of profiling packages out there.


                  Best of luck,