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    Master Page


      Hi There,


      Please advise how to I achievedof setting Master A with Logo on the top left corner for all odd pages and Master B with Logo on Top left corner reflected on even pages.


      Thank You

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          The attached sample contains two master pages, oddPage and evenPage, and logos in the left and right corners, respectively. The form has three pages and each page is assigned to the appropriate master page based upon the page number.


          This is a static binding of pages to master pages. Is that what you are looking for, or do you need a dynamic solution to support data binding?




          P.S. If the sample is queued, please forward a request for the form to stwalker.adobe@gmail.com

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            susanna m

            Hi Steve,

            I am trying to do this for a similar issue, but had no success.

            I am using a single page document file and merging the data from an excel text file using datamerge. The InDesign file automatically creates however many pages the content will need. I have two different Master Pages, one for the oddPages and one for the evenPages (left/right side layouts).
            Is there a way the document can be set up to automatically assign the correct Master pages to odd and even pages?
            Thank you.

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              It would be a bit of a bodge, but if the content areas are the same on both pages you could just stick all of the items from the pages onto the same page and then use javascript to make them appear or disappear depending on the page number.