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    Problems/Errors I have encountered


      The following are problems and errors I have encountered with Flash Catalyst....Some problems I have found work around's for.


      1. Photoshop PSD Shape layers:  Some shape layers do not import into catalyst properly.  The most typical error I seem to get is a shape layer will display any images that are visible on layers above it.  It looks like all the layers above the shape layer were merged and clipped to the shape layer. WORK AROUND:  Rasterize the shape layer prior to importing it into catalyst.


      2. Some Photoshop PSD layer effects do not import properly:  I have had a few bevels, shadows and outer glows not import properly.  WORK AROUND: Flatten the effects layer in photoshop by creating a new blank layer either directly below or above the layer that has the effects and merge the two layers together.


      3. Making changes to a photoshop PSD and having the changes refreshed in catalyst does not work... I assume this is because its beta and its still being worked on. WORK AROUND:  Delete your catalyst project and re-import your PSD and start over from scratch.


      4. I got an out of memory error while I was trying to adjust the duration of an effect on the timeline.  I unfortunately did not write down the exact error message, but it brought up a pop-up message asking me if I wanted to close the project or not.. I could click no and it would pop up again about 30 seconds later.  If I tried to save or compile the the project the same message would pop up, along with a weird file browser window asking me where I want to save or output the file.  If I tried to click save it wouldn't do anything.  I checked my system resources and I had plenty of memory available (about 1.5 gigs out of the 4 gigs my system has).  WORK AROUND: Force quit catalyst in the task manager and start over.


      Anyone else experience any of these?

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          shamus oliver Level 1

          I have had similar issues, and found similar workarounds.


          Except for #3, seems pretty drastic to kill the project to reload an asset. Just reimport the file, I have had to do this several times with no issues.

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            marliton-m6BzDc Level 1



            3: This beta Catalyst has  fullf file round-trip implemented only with Illustrator, but you can link the Photoshop or Fireworks file in an Illustrator file and import the illustrator file in Catalyst. If you want edit the image, call the edition of the illustrator file from Catalyst and in Illustrator call the edition of the Photoshop or Fireworks file. After the image edition, close the Photoshop or Fireworks file, save changes for update the image changes en Illustrator,  finally close the Illustrator file for update the changes in Catalyst.


            I hope you can understand. My english is very basic.

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              ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee

              Regarding number 3, there isn't any way for Catalyst to see the changes you've made to your original PSD (or Illustrator file for that matter). As was mentioend above, we only have round-trip editing with Illustrator in this version and when you round trip you aren't editing the original file but a new version of the specific component you want to round trip. We'll have round-trip editing in Photoshop when Catalyst is released but it will work the same way it does now in Illustrator so you won't be able to make changes to the original PSD and have those show up in your project.