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    Importing classes, and what happened to my libraries in Flash?

    James R Grise

      Good evening ladies and gents.


      How do I import existing classes from an old CS3 Flash project.  I have a few classes that I'd really rather not rewrite but when I attempt an import the .as files Flash Builder requires that I build a new project.  Additionally, since I downloaded the new builder, I haven't been able to import the fl.controls.* in my Flash applications.  It's fine for now because I'm ramping up on Flash Builder and need to work in the new dev environment for awhile but in 28 days, I can't really have my Flash software in limbo.  Any insight?  Also in the same thread as the first inquiry, I downloaded the google Flex components from the intro to FB4 links, a quick explanation on incorporating the new componenets would help too since I can't seem to recapture the page where I found the link.  Thanks.