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    detect changes in forms


      Hello there,


      I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best way to do the following:


      I have a few components on a page (each have their own form) - I also have one submit button which will submit all changes of those forms..

      What I'd like to do now is disable that submit button until there's been at least one change - somewhere in those forms...

      I guess I need some kind of listener that will check for changes ? Is there a "best way" to do so ?


      I would use the BindingUtils class to listen for each item on every form and direct it to the same class that will do the enable/disable action.. but is this really the best way ?


      At the moment I tried this first option - but when the fields get initialised they  lready call the function as the fields get filled in - so I need to activate the BindingUtils Bindsetter at a different moment somehow...


      Or should I maybe use the change property of each item on each form ??


      thnx in advance for your time ;-)