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    Stop streaming when a popup is created




      I've just installed a button on my flash player that, when clicked, a popup window of said flash player appears.


      Everything works but I have one wee problem. When I click for the Flash player to popup, the existing player in the original window continues streaming the video. Until the video has completely streamed in the existing window, the popup window does not start streaming.


      Some of the vids are quite large, forexample taking about 5 mins for the download on the existing page, and then another 5 mins in the popup, which the customer is not at all happy with.


      Is there anyway I can stop the existing player streaming when a popup is created? I think I could move the slider to 100% but can't workout how to do this


      My code for the popup button is (in AS3):


      public function doublePopup(event:Event = null):void
                  if (player)
                      var jscommand:String = "window.open('/flash_popup.php','win','height=600,width=695,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no');";
                      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("javascript:" + jscommand + " void(0);");
                      navigateToURL(url, "_self");