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    Bug Found and Reported

    mjr81 Level 1
      Wanted to let everyone know about a bug that i found in AIR 1.1 and have submitted a report to Adobe.

      Screen shots can be found here: http://www.ear-fung.us/2008/09/air-11-bug/



      Concise problem statement:
      When using an HTML select box, if you're running a Mac with two+ monitors that do not have their top lines aligned, the select box's dropdown menu is separated from the select element on the secondary monitor. Aligning the displays in the preference pane fixes the offset issue, but it's still a problem.

      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Create new air document, standard XML (xml doesn't matter, so long as the app runs:


      2. In display preferences, make sure that a second monitor and your primary monitor do not line up at the top.
      3. launch the app

      On the primary screen, the drop down appears in the correct location. Dragging the application over to the secondary monitor and clicking the drop down yields results where the drop down portion of the select box is offset the exact number of pixels by which the secondary monitor is offset.

      Expected results:
      The placement of the drop down menu should be snug against the select box that was clicked.
      Further investigation revealed that in the system preferences, if you align the tops of the displays in the "Arrangement" tab of the Displays pref pane, the problem goes away.

      Please also note that my two displays are running at different resolutions:
      Primary Monitor: 1440x900
      Secondary: 1600x1200

      Hope this helps someone.