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    Cannot get JPG files to open in ACR


      Greetings all!


      I just reinstalled CS3 (and the associated 10.0.1 patches) on a new MacBook Pro, and I cannot get JPG files to open in ACR.  I have verified the check box is set on the Camera Raw preferences screen to "Always open JPG files with settings using Camera Raw", and my NEF files open in ACR just fine, but won't open JPG files.  I have the same problem with TIFF files...I have the check box checked, but when I drop the files on the Photoshop icon they open straight in CS3, not ACR.


      I can force them to open in ACR by choosing Open..., selecting the JPG, and then changing the format to "Camera Raw", but this doesn't work in my workflow with Lightroom.


      Has anyone seen this problem and know a fix?  Is it a setting somewhere?  My old laptop is configured exactly the same (I think), but the JPG files open straight in ACR without issue.


      Thanks for any insight...appreciated!