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    How do you export an AVI with muxed audio without exporting a separate WAV file?

    Webshark2000 Level 1

      I really should know the answer to this question already, but since I don't I'm going to ask it.  If I want to export an AVI file by going to "Export" --> "Movie" and I deselect "Export Audio" from the general settings tab, it will export an AVI file with no audio at all.  But, if I tell it to export audio it will not only give me the AVI file with embedded audio, but also a WAV file.  Is there a way to have PrePro export an AVI with audio embedded without exporting a separate WAV file as well?


      I have this same problem when I'm capturing clips.  When I capture AVI files from tapes the audio is embedded in the files, but PrePro also creates separate WAV files which I have to then go and delete.  We have the RT.X2 Matrox add-in card and use the Matrox AVI when capturing, if that makes any difference.