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    Source Attachment Settings in Flash Builder

    cksachdev Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I am facing an issue with debugging. I don't want to step through the framework code in the debug mode. To avoid that, I removed the Source attachments, by selecting that node in the tree and clicking on remove. But it doesn't save the change settings. When I debug after saving these settings, it jumps to framework classes e.g. UIComponent etc. After looking at it again, I can again see the Source attachments. I tried looking at the entire checked out source, but not able to find out, how this Source attachment setting is working in Flash Builder. I don't want to jump through framework classes. Is it possible to do this ?

      Note: After the experiments above, I removed the Flex SDK and then copied all the swc classes and put them in a separate folder, still Flash Builder is able to find out the source attachment. Any light on how it works



      Thank you



      Chetan Sachdev