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    Premiere 4.1 Update Fails Online and also by Download


      Unable to install Premiere 4.1 update any way I try on a Vista 64 PC. The auto update installer failed after starting for a few minute with a message "The update did not worked."   (somebody needs to learn English?)   Here are the steps I taken to try to fix, without any luck:


      1) Auto installer tried to install Premiere 4.1 update and Adobe media enconder update on its own. It failed after beginning the process, about 1-2 minutes into it with "The update did not worked."


      2) I went to Adobe.com and manually downloaded the latest version of Adobe Updater and successfully installed that.


      3) Tried through Premiere Update menu to update the software again. Same failure as before at same point.


      4) I manually downloaded the ZIP files for Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder, and tried to run the SETUP.EXE file in Premiere. That will bring up the starting screen, but immediately when I click continue to begin the install, Windows Vista pops up a message that there is a problem with the program and Windows is terminating the program. I get no error from Adobe's software, it infact keeps running the progress bar as if it's installing but soon the Windows process terminates it.


      Anyone figure a solution?


      Jonathan in Atlanta