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    Problems Creating CHM output

    HelpDiva Level 1

      I've Inherited a vast help project from a predecessor that includes multiple layouts.  Previously, the deliverable help systems were in WebHelp format.  My project manager wants to do away with the multiple folders and files of that format and move to an HTML system with a single chm file as a client deliverable.  However, when I created two new layouts as HTML and compiled them I received the following error in the middle of the compilation:


      Warning: The size of stop file has to be limited in 512 bytes.

      C:\Help\Detailed Model License\!chm_tmp_folder_0\UIPlanner_Help.hhp
      Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702

      Compiling c:\Help\Detailed Model License\UIPlanner_Help.chm


      and the next message at the end of the compilation:


      Fatal Error: Unexpected error from Microsoft HTML compiler.
      Finished compiling HTMLHELP in 50 sec(s)

      Compilation complete.


      Needles to say, the chm file would not open.  Could there be an issue with size, as this layout would be quite large?  Do I need to update my Windows HTML compiler?


      Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.