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    Right and Left Black Border on Exported Video

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      Have any of you had an issue with CS4 Media Encoder exported SD video showing black borders on the right and left sides? The border only shows under certain circumstances. For instance, the video will play fine without the black border in Windows Media Player. The same video (WMV) will show a black border in certain versions of Microsoft Power Point.


      I also ran into this black border issue with FLV's exported from Media Encoder CS4 (Newest recently updated version


      We shot a head to foot speaking Website person/host on greenscreen. I keyed the footage in Ultra and placed a white background on the timeline in Premiere CS4. I then exported the clip as an FLV. When I import the flv video into Flash CS4 using the same Flash document dimension as the video itself, the video previews and "publishes" with a black border. The workaround of course is to create an upper layer in Flash and create a white mask around the edges. The point is, we shouldn't have to do this, and its irritating the #ell out of my co-workers.


      It's almost as if there is a little string of stray code in the exported video that says "put 4x3 video in a widescreen container". Hence the black border on the right and left sides.

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          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

          I have a copy of CS3 on my computer at home. I haven't tried putting video in Power Point, but the FLV export produces a file in flash that creates a need for an upper layer mask to prevent black borders from showing on the right and left sides of the video just as it does in CS4 with all of the updates.


          On a side note:

          I sincerely hope that Adobe "keeps" what was formerly, Serious Magic's Ultra. It is so much easier than the Keylite feature in After Effects. At least on my machine. With Ultra, you can play the video while adjusting the key parameters and clearly see the results you will get upon export. Also, the adjustments are much more intuitive like transparency for instance. In After Effects Keylite, the controls are cryptic. It's like "what am I actually doing?" After Effects has so much other baggage running while you are trying to key a clip, while Ultra is a dedicated keying program. While in Premiere today, I was trying to use Premiere's keying features and was grateful that I don't need to rely on them. The result after much tweaking were just plain bad. I think that in the future, Ultra should be included within Premiere CS5. That way clips can be effectively and accurately keyed right on the timeline, without jumping out to another program.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I could not agree more with you on Ultra. Such a shame they put that great program on the back burner, never released further MSL's and removed it from CS4.


            Bad move Adobe.


            Don't know about FL, but your problem  with WMV files not playing correctly in PowerPoint, which clearly is not a video player, but a presentation tool may be the cause of your perceived problem with the black bars. You realise that maybe you need to convert your SD material to square pixels (PAR 1.0) with a resolution of 640x480 before using it in PP. That is the normal NTSC resolution for SD material with square pixels.

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              Andy Urtu Level 1

              The thin black lines we now see in CS4 on SD material is due the way CS4 interprets Pixel aspect ratio.  In CS3 it was a simply .9  now it is .9091.

              CS4 is technically more accurate.  So if you view the same clip in CS3, no black bars, but it will be cropped just a bit.  In CS4 you will see the thin black bars.



              BTW, there was a VERY long thread about this last year.


              Hope this helps.

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                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                Thanks for your help:


                It appears that the black bars are a separate issue related to Power Point and Flash. Harm's suggestion of making sure square pixels are selected solved the Flash issue.


                For some project background, we shot a young lady on greenscreen, 4x3 for use by a client as one of those talking head to foot people you see on Websites. Working in a Desktop-mode Sequence with a video dimension of 180W by 364H set to square pixels, eliminated the black border when the flv is imported into a Flash Movie with the same pixel dimension.


                I'm still working on the Power Point issue, but will post an answer when I get it solved.

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                  Thrill Media Level 2

                  As far as I can tell you can not get an flv or f4v out without the black bars.  My workaround has been to import the project into AE, set a new project to the desired size, and then place the sequence into that project and scale to the proper dimensions.  For instance, I have been doing a bunch of web videos at 400x300, so I set the project to that size then scale the PP sequence 63% and out pops beautiful f4vs!


                  Hope that helps!