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    Play last frame in frame label in reverse?

    chewbears Level 1

      Yesterday Kglad gave me the following :

      nextTX.onRelease = function (){
      var nextFrameLabelNum:Number = (1+Math.round(thTX._currentframe/27))%10;

      thTX.gotoAndPlay("next "+nextFrameLabelNum);


      prevTX.onRelease = function() {
          var nextFrameLabelNum:Number = (10+Math.round(thTX._currentframe/27))%10;
              nextFrameLabelNum = 10;
          thTX.gotoAndPlay("next "+nextFrameLabelNum);



      which works great IF I am moving one image at a time.  What I have done now is tween 3 slides to move into a visible mask by pressing next, but when I press previous of course the above doesn't work.  It just jumps to the previous three with no tween.  I would like to maintain the tween but in reverse


      I would like the previous just to undo, in reverse, what the next button just did with the tween?  Is there anyway to make this happen with as 2.0?


      been trying to use PrevFrame() but nothing yet works ; P




      EDIT: thought I was onto something I always want prevoius to play the last 27 frames (from 27 back in reverse on the tween) so I tried to write something to do that but it failed me ; (