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    Awesome Concept but Too Slow!!!! Needs Tweaks.

    bbjjhh Level 1

      Love the concept. It's very very usefull for us interaction designers.


      Performance is pathetic. (I know it's beta)


      1.I sometimes have to wait 20-30 seconds for some actions to complete.

      2.Sometimes when I convert to an optimized graphic the graphic disappears. Crazy!!!

      3.If it was zippy I could get my work done fast as it is. It's barely usable.


      Timeline Improvements:


      1.The timeline also sorely needs an option to select multiple layers at one time.

      2.The timeline also needs to allow adjustments to begining and ending of transistions as a group.


      Pile on, disagree.


      Just my 2 cents to get the application off to a good start.



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          shamus oliver Level 1

          I'm really not sure what the problem is on your system, but on mine, FC runs great.


          iMac 2.6 core duo 2 w/ 4gb ram running OS 10.5.6

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            Tvoliter Adobe Employee

            Thank you for the feedback. Performance is certainly an area we are working on.


            If converting to optimize graphic is causing you problems a possible workaround for now is to reduce complexity of your files via flattening layers in Photoshop, or rasterizing some of your vector artwork in Illustrator prior to import. Reducing the number of objects you import makes a big difference in Catalyst. If vector artwork is not going to be resized in Catalyst flattening to a raster is a good choice to improve performance.


            Regarding timeline improvements, the ability to multi-select effects is a common request we are hearing so I am looking into that.


            Can you explain more about item #2 regarding transitions and groups? Is the request the ability to perform editing operations to the entire timeline? What type of operations would you find useful?





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              bbjjhh Level 1

              In response to your two points.


              If I'm required flatten my artwork then what is the point of the live integration with illustrator? It seams like a big compromise and I would hope your adobe team could meet that challenge.


              Regarding the multiselect and adjust.

              In adobe after effects you can select multiple layers and then select one out point and it adjust relatively all the outpoints for all the layers.  Please see the attached screenshot.

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                arpstorm Level 1

                I too am seeing significant slow down as I add more screens.  If there are tips you can give on how we can adjust what we are doing, and how we are doing it I woudl love to hear it.  I am not importing a multi layer doc, instead I am building a multi state application.  This app has quite a few data lists etc and is starting to get very slow to work with.  As I continue to work there are also what I would guess some memory leaks in there (no suprise given beta).  I would be happy to share what I am working on with Adobe if they think it will help performance tweaking.



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                  njadobe2 Adobe Employee

                  Hi there--thanks for the feedback! As Ty mentioned, we know that there are some performance issues and are actively working to improve them.


                  On the specific issue of optimized graphics, it would be great if you could post an example of a graphic that disappears when you try to convert it so we can track the bug down.