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    Actions for data in catalyst or have to use FB?

    captain herisson

      Let's say i'm making a row list with people, with pictures and data.


      So catalyst populate the list with some sample data and make the repeaters so easy to do for me, that's really awesome.


      But now i'd like to add a button to delete a row, is it possible to make an action that modify the array in catalyst? Will that be possible?


      Or do i have to use flash builder for this? Also once the mxml file is altered in FB - prolly only by adding listeners in <mx:Script> - can i go back in catalyst and continue to build my app?



      Also would that be possible to import sets of actions from a package or something, to bind them to components in catalyst?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          1. It appears as though the current plan is for that backend stuff to be done in Flash Builder (formerly known as Flex).  This is because Catalyst is intended to be a designer-specific tool, and the designer does not always know the code.  Instead the designer sets up the states, and gets it ready, and the developer connects the dots.


          2. Hopefully they will get round-tripping to Builder in by the first full release.  At the current time, once the FXP is opened in Builder, there is no way to bring it back to Catalyst.  on that workflow


          Personally, the more I think about it, the more I see Catalyst being integrated into Builder, as a Designer-oriented Front-end.


          Also, why do they allow you to see the code in Catalyst if you can't do anything with it....?  If you want to fully break off from the Developer-side of things, you should show no part of it.  And, don't show the code without allowing us to change it!


          Sorry, took off on a (short) rant that would be better served in its own thread.