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    Camera and sound edit in premiere

    videostart Level 1

      I have to work on a commerical that I will be editing in premiere.  Can anyone tell me some suggestions on

      what type of equipment, hd camera would be best for this.  I'm not looking for super high end, but something

      that won't break the bank and will still look professional.


      Also, will anything separate be needed for recording audio? Or can you pick up audio from the camera. 


      Thanks for your suggestions and help in advance!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Maybe tell us more about the commercial.


          Is it a diving/underwater commercial, is it about space exploration, is it about Formula 1 racing, is it about biscuits?


          But, yeah, you will need quite a lot more than just a camera. You need scriptwriters, animators, color correctors, lighting, audio, filters, batteries, chargers, stands, tripods, etc.

          Just calculate that if the camera you need for this commercial is around $ 20K, including lens, your equipment bill will be around triple that amount.

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            videostart Level 1

            It will be a commerical just for local TV, but biscuits sounds cool.



            But let's take a step back, this is not going to be a high end production with a team of people.

            I need to shoot video and just edit it with a couple effects in premiere.


            I need a camera that will produce high quality HD footage.


            Any suggestions on equipment for a simple production?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Depending on your budget, I would rent a camera like the XDCAM-EX3 including tripod. That gives you the basic quality you may need and does not cost too much. In quality terms I would not go below that. Do not start buying it for the first job, see how you like it and later on you can always decide to buy one if it met your expectations. Also rent the lighting equipment and related equipment. That may be key to the success of your commercial, especially if we are talking biscuits.

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                videostart Level 1

                Just out of curiousity, what differences will you see from the camera you recommend to

                this camera:  Canon - VIXIA 3.3MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder - Black  ?


                I assume there will be a lot of difference because you get what you pay for....


                As far as renting the camera...do you have any idea of how much that would cost

                to rent for a day?


                Where do you find the resources to rent something like that?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The difference is consumer versus professional. Commercials tend to be professional in nature.


                  Local renting cost can vary widely. Here in the Netherlands the renting cost is around 150 Euros per day for the EX3. If you want a PDW-700 it is closer to 500 a day.


                  Google is your friend here. Just look for camera rentals.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Man, I have to say that if you need to ask these questions, you aren't ready to take the job.  You will be doing the project a disservice by not having enough experience to know this type of stuff already.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      After several discussions with some mods about my posting style here, I have tried to copy Bill Hunt's style a bit and being more long winded about answering. In the past a rather terse answer, like "Get some schooling first" would have been my answer, but in general people around here appreciate it more if I beat around the bush a bit more. Your answer appeals to me as it does not beat around the bush, but people with long toes may report it as abuse. However, you hit the nail right on.

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                        fuaho Level 1

                        Get used to it folks!

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                          sandersfbc Level 1

                          Come on, guys, he's not shooting a promo for CSI: Miami or anything.  A local TV commercial doesn't have to have such high standards, especially with the lower budgets.


                          At my church we have a Panasonic AG-HMC150.  For the price it's the best camera out there, and Premiere natively supports the AVCHD format that it records in.  There right around $4k.  I dunno how much to rent.  If that's still out of your budget, a consumer grade HD camera should be able to get the job done if you use it right.  Without knowing more about the commercial, it's hard to recommend equipment, but here's a few suggestions.  If you have someone on camera giving some dialogue, you'll probably want to get a wireless lapel mic or something of that sort (and make sure you have the right connectors/adapters to plug it into the mic jack on the camera).  As far as lighting, depending on the situation, just use your basic 3-light technique using some cheap but bright lights.


                          If you're wanting to do some graphic animations, you could probably get better looking ones using After Effects.  It has a lot of cool animation presets for graphics and text, and you can add motion blur, etc.  For just basic still or scrolling text on the screen, Premiere will do fine.


                          Tell us some more about the commercial and we can give more specific ideas.

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                            videostart Level 1

                            Thank you....the kind of answer that I'm looking for.  What lighting kit do you have?  Just trying to get some suggestions if you have found a good one for the price incase I need to buy one.

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                              TradeWind Level 3

                              Light kits from Lowell are a good place to start. With all your lights, stands, gels, etc...you'll end up spending between $600-$1,200 on a Lowell kit. Get a 3 or 4 light kit. I have one I'm trying to sell off right now if you're interested.


                              Next step up is an Arri kit, which are between $1,500 and $4,000 depending upon configuration. Of course, you could spend way more, too, but for the kind of work you're talking about doing, anything past that would likely be unneccesary.


                              You can also look around for used kits, as folks sell their gear all the time. Especially right now, there are some great deals on used cameras, lighting and other equipment out there. People with big dreams 12 months ago are hitting rock bottom right now and selling everything but (or perhaps, including) the kitchen sink, and some of this stuff is barely used or even completely unused.


                              Also, you can definitely get some good shots with the Vixia cameras - lots of professionals do, actually, just not usually as a primary camera - but for commercial work, you probably would be better off renting, and getting a very nice broadcast-friendly recording instead of the consumerish quality of the Vixia models.


                              Good luck!

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                                sandersfbc Level 1

                                I'm actually still looking for a new lighting kit.  I've been looking at some lighting kits here:




                                They seem to have to some good kits and prices.

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                                  don solomon Level 1

                                  Yes, if he used it' right' and knew PPro well and AE well, he could produce a passable local commercial with a consumer AVCHD cam.  But, I'm with Jim on this one.  If he has to ask these questions, his familiarity with NLE editing, camera, and lighting techniques are likely very minimal at best, or non existent.  And is this really the forum for questions like this?  Google the subject, do some reading. Come back here with specific PPro based questions.


                                  Even doing it with inexpensive gear leaves a big learning curve with respect to shooting and editing it, and if he is not familiar with AE, that ain't going to happen over night.  The first step ought to be some serious study and then some practice.  Just being realistic. Nothing abusive intended.

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                                    don solomon Level 1



                                    I, for one, thought your previous posting behaviour was fulfilling an important role here--just as Hunt does with his unique style.  Counterpoint, contrast, difference serves learning better than similarity. We need those who lay it out plainly, right on, cutting to the meat of the problem  with just the right balance of undoubtable expertise, experience, and saving grace to make it both awakening and effective. Your straightforward 'get some information first approach' was, indeed, admirable, and while at times may have left the ocassional poster a bit short of breath for a moment or two, no doubt did them a service over the longer context.


                                    Of course, there will always be someone who thinks that anything contrary to what they want to hear and how they want to hear it is abusive. Self  esteem is the publically worshipped indisputable sine qua non of existence in our time--and we must never do anything to damage that, no matter how blatant the self delusion and presumptiousness of the poster.


                                    Sad, very sad, to see this change

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                                      TradeWind Level 3

                                      I clicked that link for Tube Tape and immediately I wondered why they were promoting a big, wrinkly green screen? Also, please note the handheld green screen shooter....not sure what's going on there, maybe they lost the sticks right before their promotional shoot, or they didn't have a chance to place markers.


                                      At any rate, I was actually going to mention that if you want a high quality, low weight, wrinkle-resistant fabric for your chroma backgrounds, check out EEFX (http://www.eefx.com). The foam backed fabric on them holds up nicely, and it's also a sort of loop fabric covering, so hardly any or fringing on the subject.


                                      It's pricier than a standard muslin, but you save time by not having to iron it out on location, and lighting it is much simpler since the loop fabric disperses the light fairly well. It's also very light...my 10x20 screen is huge, but I just roll it into a little duffle bag and it weighs about 8 pounds max.


                                      Just throwing that out there if you are interested.