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    Ideas on how to fake this shot




      I'm a student and my class has filmed a short film. I am the after effects guy and i've been having a problem.. here is the shot



      Now as u can see there's a reflection of the trails where the camera travels. I've mask it in photoshop and it ended ip like this.


      BANHEIRA A MANIPULAdo banheira vidro 1 copy.jpg

      since this far its everything ok... now this is the problem... the camera moves forward and an actor passes from right to left to near the bathtub.


      first i can't do a motion track because when the actor pass he will hide any good spot for a trackmotion.if i could i would be able aply that motion to the photosop file than mask it only on the tub and mirror...


      second i´ve tried to keyframe the mask made on photoshop tryong to hide the reflections but as the camera moves and pans i should also change the size and position of the photoshop file but its almost impossible and very hard to do...


      i've tryed everithing and have no ideas...


      i've talked to the director and my opinion is to film the shot again in a green screen... and then aply the actors motion to the fixed photoshop file and create that motion ith a scale to the image... i think this option might work but i would like tio hear your opinions..


      sorry for the bad English because my keyboard is having some problems and i speak better then i write..


      thank you and hope to hear your opinion soon.


      oh bt i am using cs3

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee


          The fact that the actor passes in front of the tub doesn't completely rule out tracking - you don't necessarilly have to use as tracking source the same feature you have to remove. Or use the same feature for the whole duration. That's why the attach point is decoupled from the feature region. There's a very nice trick which is, if you move the feature region while holding Option (Mac) or Alt (Win), you can offset it from the attach point (ie, the target point for the track) without affecting the track itself. In other words, you can change the features you use for tracking as the actor obscures the ones you were using, and that can be done without affecting the location of the attach point.

          That doesn't mean this shot is easy to track. I can't possibly know without trying. It's more a general statement


          Looks like some degree of rotto (ie, manually masking the actor) will be needed.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, since you're stuck with CS3, this will have to be done mostly manually. Some tracking should be absolutely possible - you have enough references and even if the person passes closely in front of the camera, some of them will be visible. You should just not get hellbent on tracking the areas that you mask directly, but rather features near the edges of the frame (corners and edges from the mirror, the bath tub armatures), then use some offsets to inset everything to the target locations. This could be done manually as described previously or using expressions. Of course things will get a lot easier, if you have a budget - there are plug-ins for this kind of work (see http://www.aeplugins.myleniumstuff.de/?cat=16) and naturally, CS4 with mochaAE plus possibly even upgrading to the commercial mochaAE v2 to bring over your spline shapes to AE, could do wonders... Nobody can take the masking off your shoulders, though - since there will be noticable motionblur as soon as someone moves close to the camera, any automatic solution will more or less not offer what you are looking for. Anyway, if you can, reshoot. What you are looking for is simply to attach a white or black cloth to the body of the camera and cover up the rails. It would then easily be possible to adjust the color of the reflection to match the rest with some simple masking or selective color correction...