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    Barb Wentzell


      When I export an Indesign file as a pdf to folder "A" I want that pdf copied to folder "B'.


      I have an applescript that I'm using as a folder action that will do this some of the time. The problem I'm having is sometimes the pdf that I save in folder "A" needs to place an existing pdf. When that happens I tell it to replace which it does, but then it does not get copied to folder "B". If there is no existing pdf of the same name in folder "A" then everything works great and the pdf gets copied.


      I don't know much about scripting. Does anyone know what I need to add to my script that will tell it to replace an existing file before copying it elsewhere?


      Here's my script:

      on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving this_item

      tell application "Finder"

      duplicate this_item to folder " CITY MEDIA NEW" of disk "Production Server"

      end tell

      end adding folder items to


      I'm using a Mac OSX, InDesign CS3 and Acrobat 7.0 Professional.


      Thanks Barb