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    Basic tweaks needed

    arpstorm Level 1

      I have been using Fireworks to do some UI protyping recently, before I used flash.  I am loving the direction Adobe is taking as this allows me to really work on some interactions and usability quickly without having to do much coding.  I am diving into the deep end to use catalyst on a major project I have right now ( I know beta code), but its my own new SaaS software product so I can live with some fraying around the edges.  Some of the basic things missing that are slowing things down are the following.


      • Once something is in the library I cant delete it.  While learning a new product you can end upw ith orphans in there and with no way to organize them and no ability to delete them its difficult.
      • Ability to put library into groups so that when I import graphics I dont have one HUGE list.
      • Ability to drag and drop files into the work space instead of going through the menu system to import them
      • Zoom to fit selection or all
      • place that hud into the tools area
      • Fireworks support please  I know its coming but since I use loads of fireworks for visual tweaks it woudl be great to get it sooner rather than later
      • when creating a data list its difficult to type in data as you cannot tab or return to the next cell you have to doubleclick.


      Thats it for now.  Thanks for the great products and what is shaping up to be a great new product.