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    Flash CS3 + AlienGuise Theme Manager = Crash


      Just a heads up everyone. I recently added the AlienGuise Theme Manager (from the AlienWare site) to my computer to get a cool look for my desktop. Aparently it doesn't mix well with Adobe Flash CS3. While I had it active on my computer  at work (Dell Precision T3400 with Windows XP) Flash was crashing constantly, especially if I was in the ActionScript window.


      When coding my buttons/animations I was having to save every few seconds as it would crash consistently about every 20-30 seconds. When it did it was an "Unexpected Error" or "A Required Resource was Unavailable" with the followup window for debugging or reporting the error. If you tried to debugg or report the error it would end the program completely (as if it was ended by the task manager) and wouldn't let you debugg or report.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Flash once, and followed up with uninstalling/reinstalling all of Creative Suite. Nothing seemed to work, so I did tons of research online. I found a few others that had similar problems, but I couldn't find any answers. It was really driving me nuts. Then this morning it started crashing while I was working on the stage as well. This time I got an error of "The exception unknown software (oxc000000d) occurred in the application at location 0x78138aa0" which means a whole lot of nothing to me lol.


      I started a ticket with Adobe to get some tech support when I remembered that I just downloaded that theme manager a few days ago. So I uninstalled it, rebooted, and tadaa! Everything is hunky-dorry. That's what I get for trying to make my desktop look cool haha. Anyway, in case anybody else runs into this, hopefully they will find this post. Maybe I can save somebody the time it took me to figure this one out. And yes, I'm aware that I should have thought of uninstalling recently added software before everything else. Noob mistake.