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    Publish Projector (EXE) limited


      Does anyone know if adobe plans to add configuration options to 'publish exe', or if there currently are any in CS4?


      I have been trying to center an exe created in flash for quite some time now. Quickly coming to the conclusion that a third party app would be needed. Most apps I have come accross are expensive and buggy, often breaking elements of the original file. Flash offers options for other publishing methods and I was wondering if this could at all be possible in the future for publishing to exe.


      If anyone could recomnd a third party app that would do this without breaking anything that would be great. I have tried zinc, swf studio, jugglor, flash exe builder, and a few more. All of these seem to share similar problems, such as relative links breaking, pathing issues, lag, etc... It would be so much easier if Flash had the capability to just configure the exe when publishing. Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated.