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    Flex Builder and CVS bug?

    peteandrus Level 1

      i am using CVS with Flex Builder. When a file is being edited, a folder is generated in the same folder with the path "CVS/base". A copy of the original file is placed there, in case you need to back out of your changes i believe.


      Anyways, this is causing my Code Navigation to go haywire. When i click on F3 for certain classes (generally classes that are being edited), Flex Builder opens the copy that is in the "CVS/base" folder instead of the correct, current version. It's driving me nuts because it also screws up my Auto-Complete for those classes. Luckily it doesn't screw up the actual compilation. I searched this forum and found a few other posts similar to mine, but none were replied to.


      Is there a file where search paths are stored? Where can i find that file? i've tried searching around, but have found nothing. This is really stifling my productivity.


      Can anybody help?