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    web root and root url confusion

      hi, i downloaded and am running apache as localhost to mimic the video to just try the simple Employee php example video tutorial.


      i cannot for the life of me figure out what to enter into web root and root url.


      this is ridiculous. my 30 days are evaporating on screen #1.




      local host is visible via IE.




      take care.


      god bless.

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          tlaneadobe Level 1

          Hi, sorry for the confusion. The web root & URL should point at the root of your Apache web server, i.e. the htdocs directory and its corresponding URL (probably something like "http://localhost/" ).


          Is there a way we could make this clearer? What would you have expected to enter -- just the URL directly to the Flex app you're building, for example?


          Hope that helps,


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            on that dialog i browse to my htdoc folder and leave web root as:


            C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs


            and root url as:




            and i can browse to localhost which displays "it works" from apache simple html file there (index.html)


            so that index html is in htdocs


            i hit the validate button and it says it can't find the server unlike in the video tute that of course uses MAMP and port 8888 or whatnot.


            regardless, i hit finish and plow forward and it dies later with the service introspect message.  There was an error with service introspection.


            details in error box:


            There was an error during service introspection.

            but the that folder (myapp102-debug) is under htdocs with gateway, config file from zend, and the zend folders.


            note sure why i can get to localhost from IE but not from Flash Builder 4

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              tlane (video tutorial adobe guy) entered:

              Project name: myapp
              Proj location (default checked) Folder: /Users/tlane/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder Beta/myapp
              App Svr type: PHP
              Next button

              Web Root:    /Applications/MAMP/htdocs
              Root URL: http://localhost:8888

              Output folder: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/myapp-debug

              hits Validate Configuration button, msg up top goes from Red to successful (the web root folder and root url are valid)



              Drew entered:

              Project name: myapp
              Proj location (default checked) Folder: C:\Users\Drew\Adobe Flash Builder Beta\myapp
              App Svr type: PHP
              Next button


              Web root (from browse button): C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs
              Root URL: http://localhost

              Output folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\myapp-debug

              hits Validate Config button, msgs reads:
                Cannot access the web server. The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root URL may be invalid.

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                Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                Just to ensure that the URL and htdocs folder are pointing to the same location, can you try changing the "It works!!!" message in the file and then reloading it in the browser?

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                  tlaneadobe Level 1

                  In addition to Mayank's suggestion, make sure you can browse in IE to http://localhost/my-app/ and see some files in there. If you can, then you indeed have filled out the wizard fields correctly and FB is able to write to that location and the problem is with FB's ability to ping that URL.


                  Let's see if it's a problem with the Java runtime that FB is running on. In FB, go to Window > Other Views > General > Internal Web Browser. Then enter that same URL you were able to access in IE in the internal web browser view that opens up. Can you access it there?


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                    i will try to mark this as closed.


                    i am on windows 7 and tho i filled out the dialog


                    Server Location

                    Web Root

                    as described, clearly it cannot write there due to access permissions and a found files written to :


                    c:\users\drew\appdata\local\VirtualStore\program files (x86)\apache etc\ etc etc


                    and that is why it died. i am having problems after that but i think those can be answered in different posts.


                    thx for getting my by this hurdle at least tho it dies in the Data Services

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                      Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                      Please describe the problem you are facing in the data/services panel in the new thread. We'll try to help you over that hurdle as well .

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                        ditched Apache, went with XAMPP. works like a charm. thx guys.

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                          I'm having the same problem and I'm on Windows 7 as well. If anyone has a solution to this that does not require

                          me to change web servers I'd appreciate the help. According to the Zend site, I should be able to use the

                          Flash Builder plug-in along with their Zend Server Eclipse PHP install, but maybe they had not tested on Windows

                          7 yet?

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                            davidkano Level 1

                            I finally figured this out!


                            I'm on Windows 7 Professional.


                            Evidently, even though I was the one to install all the software and was the one that was using same, I still had to modify the permissions for the htdocs folder to allow for writing by the Users group in which my login fell, even though my login is obviously an Administrator. Evidently Flash Builder could not modify the root directory even though I could, until I made this change. Strange, but it looks like I can now move on to the next steps of learning this system.