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    How can I move my pix from one photoshop version to another?


      I have Photoshop Album Starter Ed 3 downloaded in Jan 2007 which currently has all my pix (only about 50).  Last Aug, a tech downloaded PhotoDeluxe 2 while doing some work on my computer.  I have been unable to transfer the pix from the Starter Ed to the PhotoDeluxe.  I just purchased Elements 7 and want to move the pix to that application and delete the 2 older Photoshops.  I keep running into file path problems.  I have tried to copy all the pix to a CD and then reload in the PhotoDeluxe catalog but it never works.  Before I load the Elements 7 I want to be sure of being able to transfer all my pix. This may be a simple problem to solve but I admit I am still uneducated in some aspects of computer use.  Please help if you can.