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    Selecting multiple checkboxes...Please Help!!!

    Nortel2 Level 1

      I am having an issue I have multiple checkboxes - once the checkboxes are selected, I would like some information to appear in a field and if checkbox is deselected I would like the text to disappear.


      My major problem is if all the checkboxes are selected at one time and the information appears in the textbox only one line of text will appear at once and I would also like for text to appear on separate lines and not on the same line.


      This is what I am working with now:









      (RadioButtonList4.rawValue == true)


      = "This is a value set using a script.";



      = "";


      Please Help


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          I don't have time to check, but you may want to try something like this:



          If (TextField.rawValue == "") { \\check to see if field is empty

               TextField.RawValue = "This is a value set using a script."; \\set textfield to scripted string


          else { \\if not empty, have the field be the existing data + newline + string wishing to add

          TextField.rawValue = TextField.rawValue + \n + "This is a value set using a script.";




          I forget the exact newline character, but you get the idea.