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    Links to External Files


      RoboHelp X5, WebHelp


      I have four hyperlinks (let's say, A, B, C, D) within my project to access external Excel spreadhsheets.  A copy of the files is located in the project folder(the one on my desktop). When the project is published to the server, only two (A&B) of the four links work.  To address the issue, I have to manually copy the Excel files to the server for the other links (C&D) to work.


      I want to determine why RoboHelp copies some, and not all, of the Excel spreadsheets to the server.  The settings for each of the hyperlinks appear to be identical, the only difference is that they're pointing to different files.  Links A&B consistently work when the project is published; links C&D do not.  What could be causing this issue?


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