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    RemoteObject loading Strategy

    Flavy85 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I using Cairngorm,BlazeDS and Hibernate in my Project.


      I would like to know what strategies you are prefer, when (re)loading data over a RemoteObjekt.


      Imaging the follow:


      1.I invoke a method an the server and getting a result of invokation.

      2.Now a other Client is updating something in the database,including the data-sets i already received.

      3.Now i am (I am in this case the person who invokes the method STEP 1.) switching a tab in my Application,and switch back to the tab where my results are viewed.


      And here come thing i am thinking about:


      Would you do a reload of the result, i mean would you invoke the servers method again to have the current data in your view.