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    3d glasses plugin crashes After Effects if attempting to save the project


      Hey guys,


      I am new to this forum so be easy on me .


      I am currently working on stereoscopic(3D) graphics using after effects cs3 and discovered the great 3d glasses plugin that allows me to preview my offsets on my 3d hyundai TV. My specific problem is that whenever I apply the 3d glasses effect I can preview it just fine as long as I don't click on save. When I try to save the project having applied the 3d glasses effect to my Left and Right eye comps in my MASTER comp, After Effects just quits and doesn't save the project. When I try to open the project it then says that it has missing data in the file.


      does anybody here have experience working with stereoscopic files in after effects using the 3d glasses plugin from Adobe?


      my adobe version is CS3. 8.0.2 btw. the latest available of the cs3 branch.


      best regards


      p.s.: I attached a graphic for you to see the settings before I hit save