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    Flicker Trouble Rendering Calculations FX


      I'm having an odd problem.  I have a feature length film edited on Premiere CS3.  I've had my share of rendering problems, but now I came to something new.  I've been rendering through Adobe Media Encoder a lot recently and it's worked 100% of the time.  Then just two days ago any clip to which I've applied the Calculations Effect (No matter what the calculation is) once the clip is rendered through Media Encoder it's right most 1/5 of the screen flickers an inverted image from what seems to be an entirely different clip.  Has anyone else ever had this problem?


      Oh, and if that's not enough problems.  I also realized (at the same time) that only one sequence in my whole project will render through Media Encoder (Fortunately it's the main sequence in which I have all my scenes.)  But I didn't know if that was a symptom or a separate problem so I thought I'd mention it.  Anyway, when I try to render any other sequence, I hit okay in Media Encoder and Media Encoder just does nothing.  It doesn't freeze I can exit and close it just does nothing like it's not responding to the button.


      Anyway, thanks for the help.  Oh, and if this information is useful I'm using a dual core pentium with Windows XP and 3.5 gigs of ram.