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    Maximum physical RAM usage of Adobe AIR application


      Hi. I have a very large application written in Adobe AIR. It needs to use about 2GB of RAM. I run it on a machine with 8GB of RAM with over 5GB free when I launch the application. No matter what I do, the application always uses 1GB of physical RAM and other gigabyte is swapped to disk as virtual memory. This seems to be true on both Mac and Windows.


      Why can't my AIR application access the rest of my free memory? If there is some limit on RAM usage how to I set it to 2GB instead of 1GB? This is mission critical for this application. If I can't expand the RAM I may have to use a different platform.


      I've heard alchemy lets you manage your own memory. Assuming I can't change the 1GB limit could I possibly work around this using alchemy by allocating the second GB and managing it through alchemy?