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    Adobe Reader 9 Displaying Issue


      Hi All,


      Right now I am using Adobe Reader 9 to display on the web page. While displaying the dynamic contents, its displaying Vertically.


      Note :
      1 . The page I have designed with Adobe Acrobat  9 Pro.
      2 . The page is portrait format.
      3 . When I click the "Highlight Field Button" the text seems fine (i.e. Horizontally).
      4 . I have to use this on the IE web browser.


      I have written a javascript code to disable the "Highlight Field Button", it worked fine for me. But I think its not a permanent solution to this issue.


      Could anybody tell me how to remove this "Highlight Field Button" from the Adobe Reader 9? (either by writing a script or by disabling from the Adobe Reader 9 features or any special things I need to consider)


      If there is a problem understanding the issue then please let me know.


      Thanks & Regards,