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    Custom component : call a function from another custom component



      i call a custom component B inside another custom component A.

      That works fine.


      From custom component B, how can i call a function defined in custom component A ?

      Is is something like Parent.myFunction() ..?




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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          If I understand you, then an instance of Component B is embedded inside Component A, is that correct?


          Conceptually, a component something like this:






          Then A has no problems calling methods /functions in Component B.  But, Component B cannot access methods / functions in Component A.


          The [best] way to do this is to launch an event from ComponentB; something like this:


          dispatchEvent(new Event('MyCustomEvent'));



          Then listen to it in Component  and perform the function:



            <msNSComponentB myCustomEvent="DoStuffHere()">



          If you do it this way the two components are not tightly coupled and you optimize reuse.


          But, in a pinch parent.myFunction() should work ( http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/2/langref/mx/core/UIComponent.html#parent ).  Did you try that?  And what were the problems you had with it?