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    "Content security" features in Director?


      Hi All,


      I have made several big e-learning projects  in Director 8 about 5 years back.At that time I got a security feature enabled to the projector file to make sure that only the original CD when put into the CD drive plays. This code was incorporated at the time of Replication of CD's and was not done using Director lingo.


      Now after 5 years I want to make more products using the latest Director software. First of all can someone let me know if there have been any updates in terms of content protection in Director. I mean is there any way the contents(or may be just the projector) are prevented from getting copied?.... I have absolutely lost touch with the latest features of the software. I would really apreciate if someone could give me links from where I can start. What are the options available to me for my requirement.