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    Is it possible to add a number of PDF files together?


      I have found a book on Oxford that has not been published and I have the permision of the writers widow to attempt to get it published.  It is in loose leaf format, roughly 400 pages and I have scanned it in OCR and PDF.


      The problem with OCR is that it has introduced a large number of erors which will take a long time to correct although it does alow flexability.


      The problem with PDF is that I can not edit it and what is worse I scanned it into PDF in five files because I was worried that I may loose the document just as I got to the end.


      I know little about PDF although I do have Adobe Reader 7 on my computer so my question is:  Is it possible to connect the five files together or am I obliged to go back to the very begining and scan the whole lot again?