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    Poor video quality in some recycled clips


      We're throwing a high school graduation open house for one of my sons tonight.  I grabbed some of the old DVDs I've made over the years of his sports and music achievements to put together a highlight DVD to have running throughout the evening.  I converted VOB files to MPG and imported into CS4 and exported to Encore to burn.  I  have all the original DV tapes but no time to work with them by this evening.


      On the resulting DVD some of the clips are poor quality.  Some  are fine, but some come out looking a little grainy or like they're running just a little too fast or something.  It's just enough that you kind of look at it and think 'what's wrong with that?'.  The problem seems to be most noticeable  in clips with the fastest motion.  Two clips of his 4x100m Relay team are the most obvious.  It almost looks like someone is fast-forwarding slightly.  (All the clips may suffer from the same problem but it's just not noticeable in clips  with less motion. ?)


      Any ideas how I can fix this from within Premiere Pro or Encore?  (Anything more than that and I probably don't have time to get a new DVD out by 6:00pm this evening.)