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    Project Doesn't Run . . .


      No errors reported and seems to compile just fine.


      Player Version: MAC 10,0,22,87
      Debug Player: No


      err...that the problem??

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          shamus oliver

          I assume you are having the difficulty when choosing "Run Project" from the File menu.


          Have you tried "Publish to SWF"?


          If you can upload the file, other people can try to replicate the issue, it could be a system thing.


          I just had to upload a file I am having an issue with that is over 30mb, so I just uploaded to my iDisk and linked form the forum.



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            gburdick66 Level 1

            Further research reveals this is SO my problem and understanding Catalyst better.=)


            My project was never leaving 'Page1'

                 - I needed: Applications Interactions ---> On Load Interactions ---> Play transition to state . . .


            I think that's it anyway.


            Thank you!