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    3d camera problem with precomps


      Hi guys,


      just going through this tutorial:

      http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/motion-graphics/design-rhythmic-motion-typography-in-afte r-effects/


      and having problems with animating a 3D camera.  The text animation is all set up in a precomp and then in the main comp have added a camera, parented it to a null, and set the precomp to a 3d layer.  Thing is when i move the null (and hence the camera), the precomp itself doesn't move about like it should unless i turn off the continuously rasterise button on the layer.  And if i do that the text looks poor quality as its not getting the crispness from the continuous rasterisation.  How can i have it continously rasterise and be able to move the camera?


      It works fine in the tutorial and have followed it step by step but doesn't work in mine


      Am sure its a beginners mistake.  Any ideas?