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    Where are output module presets physically stored?


      I have a broken XP installation that is not fixable but the drive is accesible from my other Windows installation.

      Before I broke XP I deactivated my CS3 and now I have it installed and activated in Windows 7.


      Now I am really missing all my output module presets. I can import them, but then I should have exported them first, which is not an option.


      The AppData folder is really full of stuff


      Here are some other important folders when migrating. In this case D: is the old installation drive:


      D:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\Scripts\

      D:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\Templates\

      D:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Adobe\After Effects\8.0\

      Media Encoder presets:

      D:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Adobe\After Effects\8.0\MediaIO\Presets


      But hey no Output Modules in there..

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          elaine montoya Level 3

          IMHO . . . you're just asking for long term problems if you try to 'fix' an installation. If it's not working . . . you really don't know what all will be missing.


          My recommendation would be to:

          - run the CS3 cleanup script to remove the broken instllation

          - reinstall the application


          It doesn't take long to do this process - so it really makes sense to do it.


          good luck!


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            Redsandro Level 1



            Thanks for the reply.


            I think you misunderstood me though. There was nothing wrong with the Adobe installation. It was my operating system that I broke. Sort of on purpose. I just assumed I could get my settings back the good old manual way instead of using the program. And I was right for the most part. Don't worry, I know what I am doing. I just didn't know the output module presets weren't stored in either the application folder or the AppData folder.


            So what I need to know is where those presets are physically stored so I can get them back too.


            Oh I hope it's not the registry. That's the one thing I cannot touch. But then again why would it be in the registry when everything else is stored in files and AE is portable to OSX anyway and they don't have a registry.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              The output module templates are stored in the preferences text file.


              Here's where it is on my Windows XP system:

              C:\Documents and Settings\kopriva\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\9.0\Adobe After Effects 9.0 Prefs.txt

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                Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                The Output Module presets are located in the After Effects text preference file (Adobe After Effects 9.0 Prefs)

                However, you can save externally and then load OM preset files (called AOM) from the Make Template dialog.

                If you define custom presets, it could be useful exporting them this way.

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                  Redsandro Level 1

                  Thanks, you both!


                  I saw the file but I guess I ignored it because of the same blindness that makes me ignore .log and .bak files and internet banners. I didn't think AE would actually read a .txt file.


                  This will work. I am going to merge certain parts of that file. With a backup of both ofcourse. Thanks again!