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    flash animation into dreamweaver

    ellirene Level 1

      hey everyone, i'm new at both flash and dreamweaver and currently have a project combining the two together and i really cant work it out (i'm even using html instead of css haha) :/


      Anyway, what i want to do is have a zipper (as in a zipper on ones clothes) on my main page and when someone puts their mouse over the zip, it zips down and reveals the text for that page.


      I have gone into photoshop and started editing a zipper at different stages of being pulled down, but am stuck as to how i'd


      a) link it together on flash/what type of file to save it as?

      b) put the actual code into dreamweaver

      c) have it actually working functionally to reveal my text underneath.


      thanks in advance for any help, i'd be very appreciative of anyone who could give me some advice

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll probably need to spend time learning how to create things in Flash--maybe try lynda.com.  Flash can be used for the animation and mouse interaction revealing text.  Once you are able to create the animation in Flash, you can have Flash publish both the swf file, which is what goes into the web page, and an html file.  You can copy the code from the Flash html file into the Dreamweaver file wherever you intend the Flash file to be inserted.